With so much time spent watching YouTube on so many different devices, what types of content do people watch?

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YouTube has become a content phenomenon. Back in 2005, when the first Me At The Zoo video was uploaded, no one could have imagined how important this medium would be for video sharing. Google saw YouTube’s potential, and just 18 months after its co-founder shared his visit to the zoo with the world, Google announced it was paying $1.65 billion for the service.

Since then, YouTube’s power and influence has grown at an incredible rate. It can even claim to be the second largest search engine in the world after Google.

So, with so much time spent watching YouTube on so many different devices, what types of content do people watch? It turns out that people actually watch a variety of things, which probably reflects the fact that YouTube viewers come in all different types and ages.


First, let’s talk about the important step of promotion. No matter what topic you are shooting the video on, the main task is to make it get as many views, comments, and likes as possible.

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1. Cute or funny animal videos

It is impossible not to encounter funny animal videos on the Internet. People just love to watch cute animals especially when they are doing something unusual.

There are also many serious channels about animals, including National Geographic videos featuring the famous David Attenborough.

2. Let’s play video content

Young men (the most common type of gamer) were the first people to choose YouTube, so it is no surprise that there are thousands of video game-related channels.

A common type of gaming video is a step-by-step guide in which someone plays a game while commenting on its progress. There can be close interaction between game video creators and their supporters and even joint participation in online tournaments.

3. Tutorials/How-to

There are three basic learning styles: visual (visual), auditory (auditory), and kinesthetic (action).

These videos have the advantage of being virtually timeless-the only reason a video can have an expiration date is because the action is changing or has become obsolete.

4. Product reviews

There is a clear trend nowadays when people surf the internet when considering a purchase. They want to know what other people think about products they are interested in.

5. Vlogs

Vlogs are video blogs and their idea is somewhat the same as the original blog. They are actually the video equivalent of your old diary.

Of course, being on YouTube they attract more of an audience than a diary hidden under the bed so the content is usually more interesting.

YouTube vlogs are sort of the equivalent of reality TV.

6. Unpacking parcels

Unpacking videos are a 21st century phenomenon. A surprisingly large number of people like to watch someone else take a new product out of the box!

Just like shopping videos and reviews, unboxing can have a huge impact on consumers’ buying decisions and can be very profitable for brands. This is another area with huge potential for influencer marketing.

7. Prank videos

These videos show practical jokes on friends, family and unwilling members of the community. Although this type of video often makes participants uncomfortable, it is definitely a way to make people celebrities on social media.

We hope you are inspired by the ideas and ready to delight your viewers with new interesting videos!