Facebook – Menlo Park – $ 100.000+

Facebook’s Security team is looking for highly motivated Computer Forensic Engineer to analyze and manage internal investigations enterprise wide. This individual should have extensive experience in computer forensics and have the ability to carry out investigations from collection to expert reporting. Candidates are expected to bring expert-level knowledge in Computer Forensics in worldwide markets while managing contractors around the globe.


  • Lead forensic responsibilities for all internal investigations at Facebook
  • Work with current forensic team to build out functions and processes specific to internal investigations
  • Manage contractors and other staff involved in investigations
  • Design, implement and document computer forensics services to include evidence seizure, computer forensic analysis and data recovery
  • Work closely with Human Resources and Legal


  • Strong understanding of the CentOS Linux Operating System
  • Familiarity with SIFT Workstation, Sleuthkit, Secondlook, F-Response Enterprise, as well as open source forensic tools
  • Experience with Cellebrite Mobile Acquisition tools
  • Experience with BitLocker, FileVault 2
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of Forensic artifacts as they pertain to Windows & OSX Systems
  • Experience with iOS and Android forensics, from manual jailbreaking to vendor toolsets
  • Sound understanding of Forensic methodology & Best practice, Chain of Custody issues, etc.
  • Familiar with the concept of Order of Volatility
  • Experience in developing Timelines & Supertimelines
  • Advanced Chat and Internet Artifact Carving
  • Large data set analysis
  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science or equivalent and six to eight years of related experience
  • Candidates may have: Familiarity with network forensics and PCAP analysis
  • GCFA Certification
  • EnCase and FTK Experience

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