Bloomberg – $ 100.000+ – New York City, NY

The Role:

Bloomberg Community is looking for an experienced distributed systems architect to help design and build the next generation of communication and collaboration products for the Bloomberg Professional Service. This role encompasses the instant messaging (Chat), email (Mail) and collaboration products used by our network of 350,000 financial professionals.

Our subscribers depend on Bloomberg Chat for its lightning-fast delivery, high reliability and ordering guarantees; we deliver nearly 300 million posts each day to these financial professionals. Our Live and Talk products round out the real-time platform by providing video and audio channels to that subscriber
base, all while maintaining the same level of service and strict guarantees for delivery and archiving.

Bloomberg Mail is a cloud-based platform used for Internet email, bond announcements and pricing, financial research distribution and many other types of communication on the Bloomberg Terminal. Our users rely on Bloomberg Mail because of its real-time performance, massive scale, ironclad security, tight integration with financial data and applications on the Bloomberg Terminal, unique features like message retraction and “your message was read!” notification, machine learning-based message classification and, most importantly, singular access to the Bloomberg network.

Our systems are built on top of Open Source, commercial and proprietary technologies. These highly available, large-scale distributed systems include comprehensive storage and search infrastructures, real-time email and instant messaging transport and delivery pipelines, a real-time classification engine
for user-based and machine learning-based tagging, APIs for integration with other applications and systems, as well as feature-rich and powerful user-interfaces optimized for our specialized customers.

We are seeking a candidate with broad experience building large-scale real-time globally distributed systems. The Architect joining this team will re-imagine, develop and deploy a myriad of systems that test the limits of powerful hardware and Bloomberg infrastructure.


– 10+ years of experience developing software on *nix systems
– Proven track record designing, implementing and deploying large-scale real-time systems
– Demonstrated ability to be hands-on during design and implementation of software components
– Proven ability to apply test- and performance-driven development methodologies to large systems, for both initial development and ongoing maintenance.
– Experience mentoring a large team, providing technical direction and ensuring product integrity.

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