Crossroads Consulting – $ 100.000+ – Washington, DC

Job Description:
So I’m sitting around thinking how can this day get any better than it?s been when all of a sudden the phone rings?
RRRIIIIINNNGGG (Like the special effects?)
ME: Mitch Beck here how can I help you?
CLIENT: Mitch, It?s me?
ME: (Acting as if I have a clue who this is?) Hey pal?what?s up?
CLIENT: You are? We need a Senior Consultant/Project Manager and you are the greatest recruiter in the history of asking questions and we want you to do us the privilege of fining someone for it.

(Yep, that’s how it went?or how I want to remember how it went)

ME: So, What do you need?

CLIENT: Well you know the Big Data Analytics group, right?

ME: (Again faking it) Of course I do?

CLIENT: They need someone to work with both internal and external clients and they’ll manage a whole slew of people trying to deliver novel analytic solutions. They?ll lead projects that use advanced modeling techniques to provide actionable results that support new and existing products and platforms, and to influence business decisions.

ME: Is that it?

CLIENT: Nope? I?m just getting started. They’ll need good management experience because there?s a whole lot of that going on in this gig. Whoever you find us will contribute to the analytic approaches utilized by the team in the development and delivery of solutions and participate in engagements from end to end – from opportunity identification, proposal development, timeline and scope preparation, project execution, and delivery of work while maintaining and developing knowledge of various unique analytical methodologies and best practices.

ME: Geeze, this sounds like a REALLY meaty job.

CLIENT: It is. That’s why we really want to get a person with a Master’s degree, but at very minimum we want someone with at least a BA/BS in statistics, computer science, mathematics, economics, or a similarly quantitative discipline. This person should have at least five (5) or more years of relevant analytics and quantitative analysis experience, including independent and successful project management and managing teams of 2 or more.

ME: That makes sense (I’m thinking, “I think I’ve convinced the client I know what I’m talking about)

CLIENT: Mitch, they need strong proficiency in SAS, R, SQL, and/or Hadoop and be strong in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Plus there’s some domestic and even some international travel.

ME: What are you going to pay for this Stallion if I find them?

CLIENT: They’ll get a $100K base plus bonus and given this is a high exposure position, the sky is the limit for advancement opportunity.

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